Beat Of Angel Lyrics


Catch your dreams
Go on top of a hill and shout to the world
About your small hopes that you were keeping
Wherever you are right now
I will be your angel
That will forever shine over you

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When you be patient and get over a tiring road
Just like the coming bright days,
My heart will be inside your sad heart
I pray that you will forget everything

You cant hide the despair
At the end of your fingertips
As your head is hung down
Grab onto the hope that I will send you

**Close your eyes
Find your dreams, forget the pain
I want to keep the hope
A charm filled with light
I'll be your angel
That will shine on you without anyone knowing

In the stopped time, I will brightly smile
The things that I've received
Was the reality that I was alone
Remember me who will cut your lonliness in half

The world full with trials
And the love that leaves you
It makes you stop breathing

repeat *

(You are gonna be free)
The blessing that is blowing along in the wind
When you open your eyes you will see that

I will walk besides you (I only think of you)
So that you can feel my hand in yours
So that none of that lingering attachment is left

repeat **