Back To Business Lyrics

by Trina

Huh, a mic check 1 2, 1 2
I wrote with the punch is what you gonna do?
Ah, I, I wrote with the punches, leave ‘em
Looking like a snap back neck full of jims
Broke hoe use it throw back, that brag give this bitch
Please I'm a legend, perfect in this bitch, shout it up, toe to 7
Don't forget 11, Nike ‘cause I do it,

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Travel across the world, speak French real fluent,
And my nigga ruin, fuck me to sleep till my breaks bust,
Bitch make em boom me your sleep
I throw the pussy down like them bitches all bang bust I talk that talk
Make it shaver in my anus.
Name a bad bitch better than this,
You ain't never seen a motherfucker hit this leaks yeah.
Bad bitch, on time,
Never losing, all mine,
That's the game, wake up,
Now I'm back, take up,
Stake up, money up,
Cash high, break up,
Here I come, back to business,
And I'm back, back to business.