Beer Pressure Lyrics

by Caravels

i had it nestled there, right beside my bed

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bound in faux leather, and comfortably set
off to the side of a life largely predisposed to ignoring it
i had it stationed there, ordered not to move
it had pitched it's creed, what was left to do
well you could sit and you could wait and there was not much else
but tally years as they come, mark them down one by one
stifled dreams of mine, my claustrophobic mind
they get lost and never find their way to you
words without a voice, our holy father's choice
i want to be used, what good am i mute
i want you to yearn, i want my pages turned
i want to be used, to pledge myself to you
i won't ever falter, no i'll be forever your stubborn strength
that is a promise that i'm able to make
i won't ever falter, no i'll be forever your stubborn strength
i can forgive you for making me wait
you can't reject me after all that i've done
while you shuffle your feet, twiddle your thumbs
i stand here before you with choice disguised as fate
i give you the world and you shove it back in my face
hadn't i known that salvation was prearranged
hadn't i known that sinning was a calculated mistake
hadn't i known that i was gonna need saving one day
that it's a destiny that we share
our god-given capacity to err
and our history of fabled opportunity

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