Backslidin' Country Boy Lyrics

by Johnathan East

Ol' Billy T. Walker was a curios man
And everybody knew it was so
Lived way down cross the Choctaw River
Where decent folks don't go
Well he didn't go to town and he didn't go to church
And he didn't do anything
But he'd pull out the fiddle when the sun'd go down
And he'd begin to sing.

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He'd say Lord, this old world's gonna' kill me
But I ain't changin' far as I can see
But I hope there's a place somewhere in Heaven up above
For a backslidin' country boy like me.

Well he'd run off a batch of fine moonshine
I'd help him jar it up
Stuff it all down in a cardboard box
And haul it in a flatbed truck.

We'd ride up to Beuland County
Just tryin' to make a sell
Tearin' down them old back roads
With the law hot on our tail.

(Repeat Chorus)

Now it's been several years gone by since Billy's passed away
They buried him in them same woods out where he used to stay
And I don't know for sure, but well, I'll go out on a limb and say
Heaven hold a special place for a country boy like him.

(Repeat Chorus)

Yes a, backslidin' country boy like me.