Badger Blood Lyrics

by The Woodshedders

Old Grand Sassle dreamed he was young again
danced all night with Loretty Lynn
woke up laying in a plate of eggs
And said “How in the Hell did I hurt my Leg?”

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Raise a mug of Badger Blood
Two big swigs from the badger jug
Oh when he gets down in the muck and the mud
Bathe your brother in the Badger Blood

Jerry went to dinner down to his mums
Went to the cupboard there was nothing but crumbs
So he casted his line in the gravy lake
and reeled in a big old Salisbury Steak.


Terry Jackness he's wild and shirtless
He's half alligator and half snappin' turtle
He'll roll you up crick and bust you ‘cross a log
Knock and kick you just like a dog


Well its one for frank and two for the beans
Three for the girls in the tight blue jeans
Sixteen chickens in their underwear
shaving the whiskers off the badger bear