Nothing's Alright Lyrics

by Mad Sin

Well, born in the age of the altamont
Mommy was a hippie and daddy was a drunk
They really believed all you need is love
They were looking for god
While the streets were running with blood
You're a sixties baby [x3]
And nothing's alright

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Born in the age of disco junk
Mommy liked reptiles, daddy was a punk
They said there'll be no future for you
Oh oh, they did so much drugs and made sure
It came true
You're a seventies baby [x3]
And nothing's alright

Born in the age of take what you can get
Mommy and daddy were a tv set
All they left you to remember them by
Is poisoned water and a hole in the sky
And russian roulette sex...
You're an eighties baby [x3]
You're a nineties baby
You're a millennium baby [x2]
And nothing's alright