Yesterday I Heard The Rain Lyrics

by Tony Bennett

Yesterday I heard the rain whispering your name
Asking where you'd gone
It fell softly from the clouds on the silent crowds
As I wandered on

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Out of doorways
Dark umbrellas came to pursue me
Faceless people as they passed were looking through me
No one knew me

Esta tarde vi llover, vi gente correr y no estabas tu'
El otoño vi' llegar, al mar oi' cantar y no estabas tu'
Yo no se' cuanto me quieres, si tu' me extrañas o me engañas,
Pero yo so'lo se' que vi' llover, vi' gente correr y no estabas tu'

Yesterday I saw a city
Full of shadows, without pity
And I heard the steady rain whispering your name
Whispering your name

Y no estabas tu'