Rescue Me Lyrics

by Jenny Phillips

You rescue me
And all I can do is hold on
I am weak
But here in redeeming arms
You show me how I'm strong

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You change me
Just by your loving me so deep
You believe
And somehow something better
Wells up inside of me

You rescue me (Lord and deliverer)
You carry me (Master, life-giver)
Maker of worlds
King of all kings
You cover me (Shepherd and Savior)
With mighty grace (Redeemer, creator)
And whisper I'm safe
You've already won (God's mighty son)
You rescue me

I know now
My story will end with you
My knees will bend
And you will extend your arms
And you will make me new


Lord and Deliverer
Master, life-giver
Shepherd and Savior
Redeemer, Creator