Back's Against The Wall Lyrics

by Brenn Hill

So you left your Daddy's ranch
To make a livin' on your own
A herd o' cows
And a mortgage on a home
And now you're out ridin' broncs
So you can pay the bills
Busted up and travelin' alone

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Hays up in the fields
Needs cuttin' before the rains
Your wife's knocked up
And your tractor is broken down
Your Old Man feeds your horses
And cusses you on the phone
Says you oughtta find a steady job in town

So turn 'em out
And dig 'em in
I pray the Lord tonight you win
Yer missin' teeth, yer busted arm and all
No guts
No glory
A hundred years and it's the same old story
You're at your best when your back's against the wall

Remember those good times we had
Sellin' beer for Rick Makris
He always had a case inside his truck
Then you went straight for a mission
And I cried at your farewell
All I could say was goodbye and good luck

Now we're both pushin' thirty-five
Lucky we're both still alive
For the rank horses and the
Crazy women we've knowed
I've seen you down and out before
And then come back to win
But I wish I could help you shoulder your load

Repeat Chorus

Well some might call that ride damn lucky
But I know you're the best
That little mare can buck
But she can't fly
A thousand dollars don't go very far
Health insurance and a second car
But somethin' tells me somehow you'll get by

Repeat Chorus