Back In The Daze Lyrics

by Red Summer Tape

Find a way out, just let me leave

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Forget the problems that I couldn't solve
And all the answers that I need to know
They say you gotta move on but right now I'm stuck
My memories are coming back to haunt me
And everytime I try to run I look back
There's nothing left to do my head's going to explode

Find a way out, just let me leave
Stuck in my memories and all I need's
Finding a way out, I'm out of time
Or maybe this place is where I need to spend every night

I'm drowning in a sea of broken dreams
I never thought that it could be so sweet
I need it all, I need to lay my head down
Please let me stay here with my favourite things
Find a way out, take me out of here

Every night I sleep, everyday so deep
And it keeps on giving me the creeps
Every night I dream, everyday I'm sick
Never thought it could be so sweet