Basement Dream Lyrics

by Neal Casal

Fifty ringlets
And blue birds too
The dust will settle
And so will you
To follow rivers
To their ends
The room is spinning
Round again
Shiny rifles
On your wall
And soon your new man
Is bound to fall
You're saving your best
For someone else
Your friends are leaving
And that don't help
Suspicious drifters
On your trail
You turn back to them
When all else fails
They're casting shadows
They're laying low
They long to tell you
What you don't know
And roads closed off
Love in a phone call

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And death in a cough
It's so hard to make it
It's so hard to say
Just where you'll end up
By the end of the day
The air is cooler
The leaves look down
Tonight I think I'll
Go downtown
To find what drives us
So far apart
I just might find out
Where you are
Through the daydreams
The dust and noise
The worn-out people
The girls and boys
From holding on
To just letting be
From me to you
And you to me
Tiny diamonds
Are all that's left
Of all those mountains
Left as our gifts
And now the rivers
Have reached their ends
The world is spinning
Round again