Ballad Of The Pines Lyrics

by Jonathan Wilson

Looking for a reason not to stay drunk
All the time
Fell my way through the creases of those wrinkled linen sheets
Of time

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You wondered off to Mexico
Leaving late no one know you flown
It was the moment I made a truce
Between the feather and goose
Come back speaking Spanish
I don't mind

Sky water running off the mountain
Sliding through the light of dusty souls
The feel of what our grows asking the beetle
Of the lonely mocking bird
When you're running off with money man
We all knew there would be no return

That was the moment when the breeze
Stashed across the wicked sees
And came back as the ballad of the pines
Sing it with me if your heart is broken
This is the Ballad of the pines
Sing it with me if you're filled with joy
For this is the Ballad of the pines
Sing it with your best friends sing it to you
The ballad of the pines
They are scared and their like temple