Ballydine Lyrics

by Christy Moore

As I wandered abroad by Kilsheelan
Where the river meanders on down
To my left lay the Comeragh Mountains
To the right of me sweet Sliabh na mBan

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Where the fishermen cast on the waters
And the apples are pressed into wine
Where the herd returns slowly to pasture
Through the fields that surround Ballydine

I marvelled at nature's abundance
In Tipperary so rich and so rare
I drank from the well of spring water
Breathing in deep the fresh air

When I came to John Hanrahan's homestead
In the fields around Ballycurkeen
I lay down in a meadow of wild flower
And dreamt a mysterious dream

I dreamt of a curious eviction
Unlike the evictions of old
No sign of a Redcoat nor bailiff
'Twas more pernicious and cold

On the air came a colourless vapour
The fields they fell silent and still
As I lay in that meadow of wildflower
Dreaming on Hanrahan's Hill

When I awoke I was frightened
I knew 'twas time to head home
I made my way back to Cluan Meala
On the road passing Merck Sharpe
and Dohme