Yesterday's Fire Lyrics

by Moonface

I can see being with you
You've got a body I imagine to be like
What I imagine you've been told

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I can see being with you
Your clothes are great and you wear them loose,
And you know
When to hang on and when to let go

You had a house and you took me there
I had to notice that the walls were bare and white
Like the ashes of yesterday's fire

The bed looked like a butcher's block, and
You liked it better when I was on top
And I thought about nothing at all

You seem alright
A little close to the night
But you seem alright
It's inappropriate
But at least the walls are white

A piece of fool's gold next to an empty vase;
I'm too old for you anyway.
And I know you'll disagree
Because you know that you're pretty when you lie

Before I go
I think I should tell you that
All the stars are dying and
Most of them are already through.
We're just getting off on yesterday's fire

From under a rock, I'm on my way to grace.
I have stopped in a thousand houses
On my way

But I never will forget,
Oh no, I never will forget about
The way we played The Fall
And broke your plates against the wall
As the sun rose

Then we fell asleep in the glass,
And then I had to go