Baby Lyrics

by Gabriela Pepino

I close my eyes and I see you in my head
Inside my heart all the time
Baby please don't you dare
Take my focus away, now baby

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I wait your call every hour of the Day
Can't even think or even work straight
Keep thinking 'bout your arms and
You take my head away baby

Sometimes I laught alone
'Cause I'm thinking
Thinking about you and me
And it's you that I see

Baby, Why don't you come and take me
Why don't you whisper in my ear
What I Love to hear
That I'm your baby ( repeat 2x)

And sometimes I wonder why
You aren't with me all the time
'Cause I wanna feel your hands
I wanna hear your laught
And I pray to God for this moment last
Cause I Love to feel you
Cause Darling you're my...


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