Backroad Traction Lyrics

by Markus Meier

verse 1
got a fifty buck dungga with a ripped out muffler,
bent up, beat up, rollin' thunder.
welded diff, shes a burnout banchee,
all the girls say im a bush bash junkie.

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im talkin 'bout backroads...

were out of the shack and across the plains,
cuttin up hoops and jumpin drains,
rollin' out for some red dirt action,
backroad traction.

verse 2
crazy jack in his clapped out tojo,
bringin up the back with his pig dog mojo.

dan the man in a junk yard tin can,
circle workin' carvin' up a clay pan.
im talkin bout backroads...


repeat first verse:


oooh, backroad traction x2