Wonderful World Lyrics

by Katie Herzig

Wonderful world that you can waltz into
breathing by the open sea
the back roads, I think they belong to you
drive away until you're free

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baby, don't you love your life?
you go crazy by the ocean, and wild under the stars at night
if you let me follow you
you know I would have gone with you

look at all the world that you've seen
maybe it's larger than the one that I could ever be
you gave all that you had, true
and I would take it over any other one that I could

I looked away and you were gone
I should have known that it was time for you to move along
it seems so very long ago
like I dreamed it up and never let it show

and baby, don't you love your life?
could it ever be the same for you and I?
cuz every time I breath the open sea
I dream that you were waltzing your way back to me