Year Of The Cock Lyrics

by Sonny & the Sunsets

Oh enter the mag pies hid in the steeple
Dining on yarup and bow evil
And there were people except for me
I came to sea to ride and to think
But I was so small next to my dreams
Like I'm ridin' my truck across the seas
In the year of the cock I began as a free

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Springtime came, no words on the page
So the old sperm whale went lookin' for prey
And when I found the dodo is hungry as me
I dragged her back to my lair by the sea
Pushing forward so awkwardly
I layed her bare on the eucalyptus leaves
In the year of the cock it was hard, hard as can be

So I sat on her metal like an old stuffed goose
The attitude says little land without his choose
And when at last I tried to finally break loose
She called me a skunk, a raccoon on the loose
She thought I was a ristor with the right kind of plooms
But I was only that chicken who had gone coo-coo
I was only a chicken like I'm coo-coo

And just when I knew I was meant to be alone
I fell for a coll so young and so bold
Millie I've said, you could love an old goat?
Sure he said but you're more like a toad
Like raging rams we butted our horns
I was a female stag kickin' down the door
But then like a fish slit back into the brook
In the year of the cock I live off the hook

And then mother died so I flew back to the states
But my sister was a shark so the lions share was weasels away
And when I saw a girl I once knew livin' on the streets
A hard year went from bad to bleak
My skin broke out like when I was a kid
It was back to the clinic for tard ass and treatments
And the doctors, they gave the same old speeches
In the year of the cock I was covered in leaches

And when at last I've made it back to the steaple
The mag pie stared at this strange man named Fedal
A year of lust and lost questions
I guess a broken mind receives no lessons
If in fact I have fallen and cracked
Would I rise like a Phoenix from the flames
But was I just an egg full of clay
In the year of the cock I crawled all night and all day