Disappear Lyrics

by Nguyễn Hải Phong

The mist disappears when the light too blurs
A distance between us
And day by day waiting for the ođs
Maybe I quite my dreams

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What I remain although how long time flies?
I just get tears inside
Maybe yoúre regading that rain better than my chill?
Who will you think of at dawn?

And the day yoúve gone away with my sad rain
And the day my heart is broken in love dreams, wére not the same

I see the rain hurrilỵYour smile 's as what I need
I feel my mind is weeping tears in rain
Yoúre right there snowy or you get sunnỷ
Have you ever recalled rain.

Don't know what æm waiting for,just angel smile of yours
When the shower ends,my gentle girl that day too disappear
Vanish like the sunset. æm still waiting for the turnback time

Believing dream 's still alive, but everything has gone away when days comẹ