Plastic Monsters Lyrics

by Mad Sin

The smell of plastic human monsters is all over the town
Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself: 'Is it a monster?'

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The smell of monsters is all over the town
They're after me try to catch my soul
Monsters wanna lead me, monsters wanna cheat me
Monsters everywhere make me lose control
Oh yeah they want me, but they won't get me
They try to stick a plastic monster inside of me

Whatcha gonna do when they're after you?
We're fast and frightening!
Whatcha gonna do if they want you to?
We hit like lightning
Monster detector - plastic rejecter

Monsters make me sleep with an open eye
Human in disguise, with their empty minds
Monsters in the subway, trying to confess me
I guess I had a monster in my bed last night
They try to stick a monster inside of me


Clit n balls is all it takes to make the monsters lose the chase
Cuz their plastic lives in their plastic sleeves can't stand real beasts Woahhh!!!

So all you plastics out there mind your own business and let us be
Cuz if you don't, you bring out the real beastsssss!